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“I examined the charred remains of the bedroom door pulled off its hinges and leaning against the wall. It had no lock. Out of curiosity, I walked over to the only window in the bedroom, pulling it open with very little effort. Neither made sense to me.”

When Judge Earl McKenna is murdered, Detective Tyler Monroe is called out on an early Sunday morning to the crime scene as part of a routine investigation.  A signed confession from the judge’s wife seems to have brought the case to a close however he uncovers some disturbing evidence to the contrary. Why has Sue-Ellen confessed? Who is KJ? Does the murder have anything to do with a two-year-old cold case? With racial tensions in Savannah running high, a complicated love life, hostile colleagues, and a secret mission to protect, Monroe fears that he’s in too deep. However, he’s is unable to let it go.

“Walter Thomas Geer brings together a perfect storm of emotional and cultural conflicts, old, dark secrets, and a quirky, authentic southern setting. Moral, ethical, and race dilemmas are confronted, not heavy-handedly, but in a personal, genuine tone. At the same time, the novel succeeds in painting a three-dimensional, imperfect hero, whose failings readers will easily relate to.

This is a veritable page-turner that will keep readers at the edge of their seats until the unexpected, yet satisfying ending. Highly recommended.”

The Columbia Review

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Thanks for visiting my blog. Tipper Lake has been a labor of love for me. It started approximately four years ago as a passing idea and became a reality in between several stops and starts in early March 2017. As far as a mystery novel, it's a first for me, having published a business book on Amazon back in 2012. It's dedicated to my late daughter and granddaughter, Sarita Wright Lucas and...
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